The World’s Your Oyster
A highly engaging Interactive Global Awareness Learning Experience

Does your school have an interest in Global Citizenship Education, (development education) and/or social justice issues? If so, the ‘World’s Your Oyster’ programme may be just right for your students.

Five Key Skill Cycle Frame-workThe programme is an interactive, fun-filled global awareness programme through which students have the opportunity to engage in an energetic and creative way and learn more about the issues that affect our world such as Climate Change, Human Rights, Sustainable Consumption, Migration, Refugees, International Trade, Sustainable Development Goals and much more.

The programme has a strong experiential and interactive learning approach, ideal for transition year students. but can be tailored to suit any year group. It is also applicable to the ‘Five Key Skill Cycle’ Frame-work identified as central to teaching across the Senior Cycle curriculum

Fee: €12 per student, (if numbers are over 30)

What is Global Citizenship Education?

Global Citizenship Education, has been referred to by many names, most notably –Development Education, Global Learning etc. No matter what name you choose to use, this important tool is a creative educational process that aims to support young people to increase their awareness and make sense of the complex issues which prevail in our ever-changing world. Through a process of interactive learning, debate, action and reflection. It challenges perceptions of the world and encourages young people to act for a more just and equal society at a national and an international level.

What is Global Citizenship Education is concerned about..