‘Hello World’
A Quality Pre-departure Preparation and Debriefing Programme for Second Level Students Travelling Overseas on Immersion Trips

Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest among Irish people in volunteering in developing countries. More and more schools and colleges are offering second-level students opportunities to volunteer overseas for short periods.

  • Does your school offer such an opportunity?
  • Would you like to ensure they are properly prepared to adapt to their overseas experience?
  • Would you like to bring their attention to cultural and global issues that the volunteer may encounter?
  • Would you like to offer them a return de-briefing session that will help bring meaning to their experience?

Hello World is an innovative way of preparing students for their overseas volunteer experience.

Fee: €16 per student (pre-departure preparation only) €20 per student (includes pre-departure preparation and debriefing workshop)